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De complete database van Onyx 1 1:43 - 1:24 - 1:18 schaal modellen (Formule 1 - Indy Cars - Le Mans)  uit de periode 1988 t/m 1997.

Onyx of Portgual produced a lot of models in 1980s & 1990s and have a lower build quality than Quartzo and Minichamps. You will see 2 types of Onyx series models – one series in the square plinth boxes similar to Quartzo (usually post 1994 cars) and the other in the more conventional rectangular boxes with a sloping base (usually the early 1990s cars McLaren and Ferrari). The early 1990s Onyx cars were slightly toyish but later series Onyx models with the square boxes were a bigger improvement. Onyx models are sometimes a good compromise if you want to pickup a cheaper version model of a rare car or world championship car that is a lot more expensive than the Minichamps version. I believe Onyx stopped diecast production around 1997 due to licensing reasons.